Thursday, February 9, 2017

short story slam week 62, Ontario, Riverside, Austin, Bee Cave, Oakland, and Saleem

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Ontario, CA
Thomas Merton sings bible stories

Austin, TX,
Theresa Burke seeks aids to his son and his husband

Bee Cave,
TRavis Tedford grants Lyndon Johnson presidential library a cake

Amy Tan and Jinmei Wu agree to promote Jeffrey Yan and Mackenzie Zhao

Martin Luther King Jr. waves his hands to Kim Bulcken Root, Ying-Fang Shen, and Carolyn Fay

passing messages
Segall Williams and Edward Harris sit, trusting Susie Parson and Patricia Jordan

no regrets, we do enjoy Jean Piaget and John DEwey
along with Pam Brown, Pamela Fry, Guoping Zhao, Hongyu Wang, and Jingle Yan thoughts

Andrew Roberts and Melania Trump all work hard
they let Joel Seligman, Ray Allen, Marie McCarthy, Dan Naiamith, and Samrufz Hillford win

the set for Sundai Pichar and Larry Page is fancy at Florida keys
the garden for Jerry Brown and Alissa Schapiro is rosy

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Yan Qunbo, He Rousie, Ma Chaokun, and Tan Guxiang

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Kamala Harris,     Kang Xuezhen

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