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short story slam week 56, Lishui university, Wuhan University, and

Image result for 三岩讲堂

Image result for 三岩讲堂

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Hai Tang Lor Mee
Mei Chin Market and Food Centre
159 Mei Chin Road #02-14
Singapore 140159

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Image result for hai tang hua
San Bai Hua Tang perfmored at Kreta Ayers Theatre

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Hua Qian Gu

the story is about an oak tree and its birthday, November 7, 2016, America,
far from San Diego, near Cambridge, from a couple struggles with their love,
believing that they shall always on top of the world, persisting technology
and obtain the most challenging subject in the world.

Shengzhou Li,  nick name Pure Water well, english name, Trenton Schulyim
born San Francisco, at 5:35am, USA, parents get excited, and not sure
what to do, but some relatives are notified, and  try to celebrate.

When University of California at Berkeley accepts Tao Li and Tao Zhou,
they agree that these two are tough one, the way they believe in
Danping Peng and Ningning Zhou, the way they trust Tom L Wu and
Abbey Wood, while  Sean Yen picks University of Illinois,
Alen Yen, Sandy Wright, and Richard Yang picks University of Oklahoma,
and while Lindsay Chamber, Skylar Zhang, Peng Zuo, and Julia Watson
attend Northwestern University,   Tao Li and Tao Zhou remain upbeat.

after a few years, they land at University of Texas at El Paso, and they
have fun enjoying countryside living, and they preserve their freedom
and wish to become world famous, and they indeed get their dreams come true

a son to Tao Li and Tao Zhou,  in English, an oak tree to Mathhew Li and
Marilyn Zhou, which occurs a huge happiness in the household of Li and Zhou,
we do fame some world famous poets and army warlords here,

Huang Gai
Zhou Yu
Li Bai
Li Tao
Li Shengzhou
Li Shengsu
Li Qiming
Li Weiping
Li Yan
Li Yanhong
Li Bing
Li Peng
Zhou Tao
Zhou EnLai
Zhou Kaiming
Zhou Huiju
Zhou Ningning
Nicholas Dirks
Nicholas Pezos
Michael Fitts
David Schmidly
Janet Schmidly
Burns Hargis
Ann Hargis
Mary Fallin
Terrence Tao
Feng Shui E
Zhao Xin
Hu Huasheng


Jimmy Chow is an icon to Michelle Obama, I am sure that
Wang Nianyu, Wang Hongyu, Wang Daxue, Zhu Lin, Wang Fei,
Cheng Lan, Liu Xiaolin, Li Yuhe, and He Jinyuan apprecistes

further, we find Lishui university does put Li Shengzhou,
or Trenton Schulyim in hot spot, since has has come to see Amelia Wilson,
and try to fame Kong qiangjiao and Wu Jing, Wu Huiqing, and Yan ji,
we decide to mix Trenton Schulyim with University of Tulsa, and
Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, and Boston
College, trying to agree that Martin Walsh and Megan Barry are awesome,
Bruce Barry and Yan Yizhi are kind, and Dong Fang and Hu Zhiwen
are intelligence, Liao Shuchuan and Liao Guizhi are promising

today, election outcome hits, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both win fame,
we ignore the crowd, and agree that Shengzhou Li, Trenton Schulyim is famous,
and is the most talented lord from Massachusetts state...

Thanks to the parents, grandparents, and relatives of Li, Zhou, Xu, Tang, Feng, Xi,
Luo, Kong, Zhao, Hu, Tu, Meng, Wang, Zhu, Zhang, Peng, Wu, Fang, Yan, Dong,
Yang, He, Suo, Zen, Lu, Xiang, You, Ou Yang, Huang Pu, Mao, Chen, Xiao, Jiang

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