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OCAST Reports, Obama, and Stanley Ann Dunham

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Fiscal Year 2016 Business Plan
OCAST continually strives to increase the impact of its programs in assisting industry and the research community to grow Oklahoma’s economy through science and technology. Ongoing efforts to achieve this goal include pursuing additional funding through grants, cooperative agreements and other opportunities to realize its mission and enhance its core programs; working to achieve an OCAST appropriation sufficient to meet market demand for technology-based economic development programs and support, as defined by OCAST’s advisory committees, affiliate organizations, clients, stakeholders and board; reviewing OCAST programs for potential updates, modifications and opportunities to further streamline program operations.
2016 OCAST Impact Report
2015 OCAST Impact Report
2014 OCAST Impact Report
OCAST each year conducts an extensive data search of its research projects dating back to 1987, and combines the latest numbers with previous experience to develop a cumulative impact. That impact number to date is $20.39 returned to the state for every dollar Oklahoma has invested through OCAST since its beginnings in 1987. The current and previous years Impact Reports are below.
FY 2014-2020 Strategic Plan
OCAST's Strategic Plan, along with OneOklahoma: a Strategic Plan for Science and Technology in Oklahoma, 2012, is a path to innovation, job growth and increasing the state’s ability to compete in the global knowledge economy.
Other Reports
OneOklahoma: A Strategic Plan for Science and Technology - 2016
Building Oklahoma's Science and Technology Enterprise
graphic for OneOklahoma: A Strategic Plan
Report of the Governor’s Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council
A Strategic Plan for the Development of an Unmanned Aerial Systems Enterprise in the State of Oklahoma
Report of Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council
SRI Report: Invest / Evaluate / Communicate
2012 assessment of the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology’s role in Oklahoma’s technology‐based economic development ecosystem
graphic for SRI Report

STEM Empowers Oklahoma - The GE Foundation grant is producing exciting results in Oklahoma schools.
Science & Technology Month - OCAST  sponsors Science & Technology Month each April. To find out more, contact Leah Maloy at or 405-319-8418.
Underrepresented, But Rising: Women In STEM - Women are historically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and math fields, but several statewide initiatives are working to change that. Read the story by Megan Morgan in April 22, 2016 Oklahoma Magazine

contact Michael Carolina
Michael Carolina
Executive Director
contact Linda Hicks
Linda Hicks
Executive Assistant

contact Dan Luton
Dan Luton
Programs Director
contact Sharron DaVault
Sharron DaVault
Associate Director
contact Cornell Cross
Cornell Cross
Associate Director
contact Mark Ballard
Mark Ballard
Contracts Manager
contact Casey Harness
Casey Harness
Small Biz Develop Manager
contact Laura Sohl-Smith
Laura Sohl-Smith
Programs Officer

contact Elaine Spell
Elaine Spell
Finance & Admin Director
contact Julia Southwick
Julia Southwick
Finance & Business Manager
contact Doris Simms
Doris Simms
Office Manager
contact Tina Dewey
Tina Dewey
contact Nona Lemley
Nona Lemley

contact Chad Mullen
Chad Mullen
Director of Strategic Initiatives
contact Debbie Cox
Debbie Cox
Public Information Officer
contact Leah Malloy
Leah Maloy
Policy & Planning Coordinator

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a short note on Frank Rand, Mark Dalton, Douglas Christiansen, Bill Haslam, Tubby Smith, and Gloria Vanderbilt

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 a short note on Frank Rand, Mark Dalton, Douglas Christiansen, Bill Haslam,
Tubby Smith, and Gloria Vanderbilt, plus Chris Raun, Neel Rao, Trenton Passmore

maybe Douglas Christiansen is right,
we can not afford to fight

a fight leads to anger,
a disagreement causes everyone frayed emotion

when we shift our eyes from Hanover, to Silicon Valley, or Fort Worth,
from Houston, Rice University, to Nashville, Vanderbilt University, we have joy

we rain good words toward Bryce Drew, Mark Wu, Mark Dalton, Nicholas Zeppos,
Lydia Horwart, Mark Wrighton, Comelius Vanderbilt, Bishop Holland McTyeire,

go, Frank Rand, Bill Haslam, Tubby Smith, Jim Strickland, Greg Abbott,
relax, Stephan Wilson, Abby Shachar, Raymond Brown, Victor Boschini, Besty Price,

some students have doubts,
while others do not

do get on the purple bus,
tour with Honglan Sun, Shaohua Rao, Ai Qun Li, Ai E Wu, Bing Ma, Ai E Dai

we say good things to Will Roger, Kendall Murphy, Ryan Kim, Jiyu Gao, Ming Gao,
thanks a lot, we do love Nashville, Shihe Liu, Min Wang, Hounian Peng, Yunqing Fan,

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

from Brush Muntain, Catawba, to Kingston, Hunt County of Texas, we remember family of Leon Murphy

foot notes

last call

indian pancakes
the tom yum noodle is delicious

banana island
a quiet place for a lost soul

Audie Leon Murphy
the hero of 1950s, the milestone of world war II

Raymond murphy, Thomas Murphy, Pamela Murphy,
Terry Wayne Moore, Virginia Murphy, Elena Murphy,

row by row,
all come in to seashore

hear the cotoyo call,
we smile at the humor of some magpie near Pima, Arizona, and Arlington, Texas

name more,
we see Teresa Murphy, Trevordia Murphy, Matilda Morgan, Wanda Hendrix, Chet Atkins

the spirits circulate
Guy Mitchell, Scott Turner, Bob Wills, Crystal Murphy, David Spec McClure, Sarah Murphy

now, we go deep to see Mildred Murphy, Wanda Bass, Eddie Murphy, Edward Murphy,
a song writer, an actor, Woody Guthrie shine along Jeff Coody, Marian Cooksey, Dan Fisher

amazing grace sinks in,
as Coyle birds fly and grin

good things shall rise, Pat Guthrie, Sally Kern, Berniece Guthrie, Ben Loring,
Kim David, Ruth Scott, Debra Guthrie, Howard Guthrie, Daryl Guthrie, Eddie guthrie

Okay, Legislators and house representatives,
beautiful postings for Juliet Lewis, Priscilla Andrews, Jacob Zuellig, Ralph Guthrie, Tom Guthrie

Paris does give love to those, especially when you name yourself William Guthrie, Emanuel Rahm,
Mike Schulz, Mark Allen, Jack Fry, Brian Bingman, Ron Sharp, Charles Wyrick, Ervin Yen

how about Wayne Shaw, John Ford, Marty Quinn, Jeffrey Hickmen,
why we shall respect Lee Denney, Gary Banz, Scott Biggs, Mike Brown, Lisa Billy?

we shall relax, let all of you promote yourself, upstairs,
thanks to David Brumbaugh, John Bennett, Janet Schmidly, Alden Burn Hargis, Mary Fallin

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