Friday, April 22, 2016

short story slam week 43

short story slam week 43, views from panama city , april 21, 2016 to may 8, 2016

Thomas Kane won't agree to comporise
unless she thinks of education as accelaration

Personal bias,
It does hurt

in a crowded place,
a faculty behaves willingly well

in private,
she withdraws from them all once the head confronts

courage, humanity, they may count,
but at Panama city, we count ourselves individual and all uniquely profund

check out Judith Singer, Andrew Ho, Paul Peterson, Chris Winship,   Ichiro Kawachi,
we state some facts on Harvard University Doctor of Education

to say more, we include Daniel Koretz, Martin West, Tyler Vanderweele, Mary Waters,
Cambridge, to Lawrence Katz, James Ryan, Meira Levinson, Archon Fung, and  Louis Menand

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

mellow yellow, friday my otwn shoot out, ruby tuesday, and poetry rally week 83

no tables...
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Funny [Friday My Town Shoot Out Link-Up] 
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amelia wilson, chris willard, mark wu

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 matilda Luo  and samba huang

Big waves haul
lots of people gather at Willard Hall

David Poole may pause for a break,
So does Benny Evans and John Wolf

we intend to say good things about Chad Penn,
We end up silent for Julie Cohen, Francis Doyle, and Leah Henry

hugs, smiles, quiet moments,
Alissa, Scott, Mimi, Owen, Morty, Julio, Alan, Rachel, Amy, and Matt love Schapiro Pipen

Chicago Sun Times,
a powerful voice to Chicago Bulls, and to Saint James, George Bush

amelia wilson, chris willard, mark wu,
a family of three, voting for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton seats

yahoo news are great
only when Jerry Yang, Vivian Wang, Julia Watson, and Natalie Furletts keep at sake

Stacia Campbell, Douglas Foster, Skylar Zhang,
many Nu folks run for Josie and thanks to Sophia Bollag, Jia You, Mark Wrington


poetry rally week 83, nutrition, fitbit walk, and free verse

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Image result for jiahong wu 

Image result for jiahong wu 

who is Wu?
where is Wu?
Wu somewhere? nowhere? anywhere? softwhere? hardwhere?

Wuhan means No Sweat,
Wuxi implies no foil,
Wuchang refers to places with No Fly

Wusheng means Kung Fu actor who is young and able,
Wushu shall tell you that Chinese Kungfu is powerful,
Wuxie simply reveals something that is pure, innocent

ShengWu refers to Biology, Magical Five, or Go Beyond,
15 sounds like Shiwu, fifteen,
50 is wushi, fifty

Wu is Washington University in short,
Wu is Western Union with capital letter connected,
Wu is Wesleyan University as it spells

A tortoise is a Wugui,
A hoolywood movie is a Hao Lai Wu dian yin
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we say Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu

Wu is five,
Wuyue is May
Friday is Xin Qi Wu...

think of Tom Wu, we believe that Tom Wu means Hot Sam Wood,
think of Amelia Wu, we agree that she is Witty American Lucinda
think of Jeannette Wu, we say, Jiffy News Flash Yuwinozara

recall Jiahong Wu, Jing Wu, Linlin Wu, Aihong Wu, AiE Wu, Ella Wu,
we keep calm our nerve, and write down things such as Kathleen Wu,
Steven Wu, Stephan Wu, Wenping Wu, Tiejian Wu, Yi Wu, Wenhui Wu

anything else?
Wu reminds me of Wang, Yang, Yin, Sun, Huang, Cheng, Guan, Zhao, Liu,
we supports Jia, Ji, Weng, Xu, Zhen, Peng, Pan, Yu, Zhu, Rao, Lu, Li, Zhou,

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Image result for jiahong wu 
Image result for jiahong wu

short story slam week 90, poetry and story inn fridays week 20

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