Friday, January 29, 2016

mellow yellow, friday my town shoot out, signs, and sunday whirligig

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 dark clouds,
ocean big emotion rages from the west
a sunset beach image

far from icy and frigid shrugs,
below huddle warm sunray,
Lil Wayne sings pop songs

daytime and nighttime,
Australia and America,
the season shifts overnight

goats stalk in ghost town from Alaska desert,
Zodiac pressing rain pour over debating forests
Molly and Lyle refuse shortcuts to white house

Although Matt, Rachel, Malia, and Sasha appear decent,
many folks still opt for Utah mountain retreats,
Thanks to Peter Constantin and Linda Neal
Whirligig 44 

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Whirl, Week 234, Shadow Shot Sunday, Beach Walk, ABc Wednesday, Amelia Island, Florida

Wordle 234 

Harvard university engages open addmision
a college of higher education drops its jaws for justice

sighs from Brown university dismiss doubts,
pilot sails to Amelia Island of Florida roars

a couple in white shirts walk the Tampa bay,
eyeing a boy whose name is PAbeis Rexoanne,

winter bells fade
Fluctuation of bustling claim spring

a bias shafts the direction
Cambridge hosts Yeching fish lunch

 Pabeis Rexoanne
we love a beach walk together... 

 Amelia Island of Florida Is Cool

Six Word Saturday

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A is for Amelia Island, Florida

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