Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Pawnee Chief's Short Story Slam Week 35


Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Take me to the ball game,
throw me a baseball
I will try to catch it and occupy a base
that's what a yankee doodle song says,
As I read a newspaper by Pawnee Chief,
involving location such as Ralston, Skedee, Masham,
Blackburn, Maramec, Lone Chimney, Glencoe, Lela,
Morrison, Otoe, Kansa, Omaha, Ponca, Yankton, Arapaho,
we know lots of cheerful events,
people gather to celebrate Christmas,
We let them make believe,
pretending to be Santa Claus,
Carla Edwards, Marianne Deney, Majorie Buchanan,
Kyle Pratt, Blaze Mooreman, Corbin Alley, Makenzie Figueroa,
many write encouraging notes for Woodland school kids,
Ronny Brown, Larry Ferguson, Angie White,
wow, yale news decide to look,
Perkins Journal opts to give it a promote,
it is 2015 Holiday,
let's give this year a good summary,
and welcome 2016 with love and hopeful parade.

when church bell rings
kids line up for a blessing
adults lower their heads to pray
and the pastor won't agree to quit
because they believe in God
and they choose freedom of religion
and their kids are grouped up
and their mind is filled with faith, trust, and peace!

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Y is for Yankee Doodle from New York city

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Michael's, Hominy's, Billy's, and Kurt's backyard party

the day is dry,
the weather is fair,
time to look at Amelia's backyard sale here
lots of old clothes,
many more antique books,
plus elena murphy from northwestern university there.
let's tan your hair,
let's drive your car else where,
let's put up curt sharp, and michael jordan for intelligence software.
after we exam lane bryant cloth,
after we peek at office depot officemax brother printer,
we are ready to push Walgreen to Lewis, Yale, and Memorial for faith.
our name list grows
as our support extends,
no detective eyes can cover our laser tag tools.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sinbad
Phil Hartman
Rita Wilson
Robert Conrad
Jim Belushi
David Newman
Victor Jay Kemper
Kent Beyda
Wilton Henderson
Adam Weiss
Peter Yates
Elaine May
Robert Wise
Bob Rafelson
Lee Thompson
Jake LIoyd
Rajamanickam Antonimuthu
Anish Sharma
Kieran Steckley
Jimmy Gillispie
Sean Murphy
Tom Berman

Monday, December 14, 2015

short stroy slam weel 34, and macy's chain store

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I refuse to go shopping
but my alarm clock is screaming
thus i must buy a voltage 9 battery
I refuse to complain
but someone has my son and my husband kidnapped
as they go oversea vacation.
I choose to blog
and I rain praises a lot,
but many more call for extra efforts in their spot.
Sesame Street, Elmo,
CBS news, Melissa Long, and Kevin Ogle,
Bluebell Books, Infamous Mountain, and Fallin Page-Briker
today is monday,
i think of monkey, not chapazin,
let's focus on ourselves, and appreciate Youngshun, Youngtao, Youngcui,

and their cousins and uncles..Yifang Yan, Heyuan Yan, Yizhi Peng,
Aiqin Yan, Simei Yan, martin yan, papa murphy, sheplers, and Kara Sandberg.


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