Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ABC Wednesday, P is for Password

nobody remember my name,
none agress that i derve fame,
I write for myself,
I write for creative game
the ability to fulfill writing is key to writing theory, 
blogging buddy swings in full speed to sell their products,
ground breaking updates find its roots in trees,
the demon of Halloween and Vampires surface without permission of an hourglass.
october 31 writing is for trick or treat candy searching,
that's American holiday for ghosts hosting,
when you wear a mask,
that's the character you may desire, not to ask
mama's losing it,
dada's saving it,
kat bouska is doing it
susan rafael otter jolie nixon is trying it
 31 October Writing Prompts
P is for Pumpkin. for me,
P is for password


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