Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OSU Soil and Plant Science at Minnosota

Grand thanks to Bill William Raun,
Candi, Bee, Alden, Bret, David, Shida, and Chad Penn,
Charlotte, Laura, Tagg, Mitt, Christopher, and Tom can do lab hours,
when school is out in lat May then.
The research on corn, wheat, rice, soy beans is cool,
the burns, the hays, the cows stand solid,
Field studies help one practical tool,
Burns and Ann Hargis indeed assist Ramsey, Louis, and Perkins to excel.
pink faces in June, or July,
Videos made to make O'Neil, Sam, Rylan, Lisa, Trenton, Dana, Chris, and Semaralu fly,
Molly, Tanya, Ann, Kate, William, Bill, John, Alan, Goce, Julio, and Owen,
a family of cats, skills, and planters cook science projects to fullfill.
bless Tuzo, Richard, Tianna, Julia, Tao, Yuewan, Lily, Tim, Kirby, Sid, and Cindy,
study music, theory of growth daily,
if Neel, Jorge, Iain, Braxton, Mike, Sam, Curt, Tally, Amanda, Tifany, Frank
and Tracy makes contact,
we will join Aaron, Elizabeth, Liz, Todd, Josie, Ruth, Zach,
and Tonya for special concept camp.
Benjamin Lanners has been friendly so,
So does Thomas Lanners and Heather Lanners,
when Philip, Gina, John, Jenna, and Barbabra go oversea to relax,
Saint Chris and Saint James will swim at six Flags open space pool.  
Hollywood is hot in movies,
Get to know Toni, Matt, Jerry, Steven, Pax, Carl, Simon, Jonny, Brad, Angela,
Barry, Chip, Jon, Lara, Rice, Clint, Douglas, Rusty, Joe,  Mimi, Morty,
research, science, arts, performing acting enterprise, they all rock.

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