Monday, March 30, 2015

being a navy officer

Pearl harbor historical sites are around.
Arizonal Memorial is beautiful,
Tomokazu sushi is wonderful.
Korean lady helps all Korean families,
Japanese lady supports all Japanese faculties.
If you see a navy officer speaks Maderian,
you shall join the crew to hear her explain.
Being a navy officer is exhileriting,
Learning about world history is benefiting.
Get to know Cherry, Victoria, Gervy, Agasii,
REspect War survivors and ordinary heroes Clara, Abe, Joslyn, aDWIN.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Emily Dickinson

if Emily Dickinson agrees to
have lost souls cured
by patience and education,
she shall be seen as human;
if I can convince your everything,
by erasing the aching,
or reducing the confusion,
or saving the polluted basin,
undoing all the facts mistaken,
i shall be viewed as human.

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