Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In the end

often you believe
what we've shared.
not many want to agree,
so, your face is red.
a rooster sits at an armchair,
a sponge Bob appears at NY times square.
waves pile high,
tracing years of olive fruits.
Berry's Creek,
countryside Steak.
Remington Park,
A whale dates a shark.
At times, you believe
what's been said doesn't matter.
and i agree,
Heart, Love, Blood are all red.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

how about saint francis?

when a German student
made a decision about
Justin Paris, who does research
on applied math while raising
two italian boys,
I feel very confused,
I have to say, No relation
between German and Chinese,
or Italian and Asian.
so there is this Scott Jackson,
Uwe Gordon, Kathleen Wilson,
Asya Williams,James Burns..mix
and the nationalist war soldier Lifu Wu,
or that World War Hero Leon Murph,
plus Nat Morton, Bill Husein...not
to mention but need to mention,
Jintao, Zemin, Mingze, Jinping,
I get lost in such flower garden,
with George Kennedy burock as
Lords of the North America nation.
We may never feel merry to marry any,
but we do feel happy to carry some:
Larry, Curtis, Indie, Eric, Kevin, Sabrina,...


blue spring flowers 3 
lovely season, beautiful mood,
that's what we root for,
an award from poetry rally week 79, grant!
for week 80, I wish to nominate another person
who also contribute to the community, thus here goes
On Paper Wings  and Pamela Ken Connie Bona Drummond

keep it up,

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