Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Pawnee Chief's Short Story Slam Week 35


Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

Take me to the ball game,
throw me a baseball
I will try to catch it and occupy a base
that's what a yankee doodle song says,
As I read a newspaper by Pawnee Chief,
involving location such as Ralston, Skedee, Masham,
Blackburn, Maramec, Lone Chimney, Glencoe, Lela,
Morrison, Otoe, Kansa, Omaha, Ponca, Yankton, Arapaho,
we know lots of cheerful events,
people gather to celebrate Christmas,
We let them make believe,
pretending to be Santa Claus,
Carla Edwards, Marianne Deney, Majorie Buchanan,
Kyle Pratt, Blaze Mooreman, Corbin Alley, Makenzie Figueroa,
many write encouraging notes for Woodland school kids,
Ronny Brown, Larry Ferguson, Angie White,
wow, yale news decide to look,
Perkins Journal opts to give it a promote,
it is 2015 Holiday,
let's give this year a good summary,
and welcome 2016 with love and hopeful parade.

when church bell rings
kids line up for a blessing
adults lower their heads to pray
and the pastor won't agree to quit
because they believe in God
and they choose freedom of religion
and their kids are grouped up
and their mind is filled with faith, trust, and peace!

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Y is for Yankee Doodle from New York city

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Michael's, Hominy's, Billy's, and Kurt's backyard party

the day is dry,
the weather is fair,
time to look at Amelia's backyard sale here
lots of old clothes,
many more antique books,
plus elena murphy from northwestern university there.
let's tan your hair,
let's drive your car else where,
let's put up curt sharp, and michael jordan for intelligence software.
after we exam lane bryant cloth,
after we peek at office depot officemax brother printer,
we are ready to push Walgreen to Lewis, Yale, and Memorial for faith.
our name list grows
as our support extends,
no detective eyes can cover our laser tag tools.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sinbad
Phil Hartman
Rita Wilson
Robert Conrad
Jim Belushi
David Newman
Victor Jay Kemper
Kent Beyda
Wilton Henderson
Adam Weiss
Peter Yates
Elaine May
Robert Wise
Bob Rafelson
Lee Thompson
Jake LIoyd
Rajamanickam Antonimuthu
Anish Sharma
Kieran Steckley
Jimmy Gillispie
Sean Murphy
Tom Berman

Monday, December 14, 2015

short stroy slam weel 34, and macy's chain store

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "yan kitchen"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "yan kitchen"Résultat de recherche d'images pour "shepler"
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "papa murphy"

I refuse to go shopping
but my alarm clock is screaming
thus i must buy a voltage 9 battery
I refuse to complain
but someone has my son and my husband kidnapped
as they go oversea vacation.
I choose to blog
and I rain praises a lot,
but many more call for extra efforts in their spot.
Sesame Street, Elmo,
CBS news, Melissa Long, and Kevin Ogle,
Bluebell Books, Infamous Mountain, and Fallin Page-Briker
today is monday,
i think of monkey, not chapazin,
let's focus on ourselves, and appreciate Youngshun, Youngtao, Youngcui,

and their cousins and uncles..Yifang Yan, Heyuan Yan, Yizhi Peng,
Aiqin Yan, Simei Yan, martin yan, papa murphy, sheplers, and Kara Sandberg.


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 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Jcpenney"
 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "biglots"
 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "kohls"
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "kohls"

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Monday, November 30, 2015

short story slam week 33

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

la jolla beach
green weed resides next to blue waves
lots of new friends

snuggle juggle
where wild seal naps, near the bay of torrey,
a girl wears swimming suits for a photo

wooden eagle hatches on a hill
lots of guests sit on the carved pine seat,
a peek a choo view

lost at honolulu meadow,
some seagulls circle around crowds of stratford residents
this monday I give up smoking

lynnch merril tech
morgan stanley adds energy to sonic snack bars,
San Diego family magazine speaks

a shandong university talent,
Frank and Judy join together, searching for meaning of life,
they overcome doorway shadow to our rescue

Jim choo eye glasses,
many americans choose and enjoy, this guy is equal to
baidu icon, surprising rising force

why do yahoo and google meet,
why do oklahoma and california win top prizes,
because raochang, yuanhe, xihu, heiliu, yufan, qiqiao, and penghu pop music.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Doctor of Philosophy in Education Faculty, Harvard University

  Harvard Graduate School of Education

The Faculty of the Ph.D. in education come from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS), the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), the Harvard Law School (HLS), Harvard Medical School (HMS), and Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH).
Each student's primary advisor will be a member of the HGSE faculty. Faculty from other Harvard schools may be sought for participation on student dissertation committees. Students may have HGSE advisors of a different concentration from their own.

The Ph.D. faculty includes, but is not limited to:

HGSE Faculty, CIS
Danielle S. Allen
James Soto Antony
Ebony Bridwell-Mitchell
Sarah Dryden-Peterson
Roberto Gonzales
Monica Higgins
Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot
Meira Levinson
Karen Mapp
Judith McLaughlin
Jal Mehta
Fernando Reimers
Julie Reuben
James E. Ryan
Natasha Warikoo
Non-HGSE Harvard Faculty, CIS
Mary Brinton, FAS
Archon Fung, HKS
Jennifer Hochschild, FAS
Andrew Jewett, FAS
James Kloppenberg, FAS
Michèle Lamont, FAS
Louis Menand, FAS
Tommie Shelby, FAS
Doris Sommer, FAS
Mary Steedly, FAS
Gary Urton, FAS
Mary Waters, FAS
William Julius Wilson, FAS
Christopher Winship, FAS
HGSE Faculty, EPPE
Felipe Barrera-Osorio
David Deming
Roland G. Fryer, Jr.
Thomas Hehir
Andrew Ho
Thomas Kane
James Kim
Daniel Koretz
Richard Light
Bridget Long
Jal Mehta
Luke Miratrix
Fernando Reimers
Judith Singer
Eric Taylor
Martin West
Non-HGSE Harvard Faculty, EPPE
Christopher Avery, HKS
Günther Fink, HSPH
Richard Frank, HMS
Claudia Goldin, FAS
Joshua Goodman, HKS
Christopher Jencks, HKS
Lawrence Katz, FAS
Ichiro Kawachi, HSPH
Gary King, FAS
Martha Minow, HLS
Amanda Pallais, FAS
Paul Peterson, FAS
Tyler VanderWeele, HSPH
Christopher Winship, FAS
HGSE Faculty, HDLT
Joseph Blatt
Katherine Boles
Karen Brennan
Christopher Dede
Catherine Elgin
Howard Gardner
Tina Grotzer
Paul Harris
Helen Haste
Heather Hill
Nancy Hill
Stephanie Jones
Robert Kegan
Nonie Lesaux
Gigi Luk
Pamela Mason
Dana Charles McCoy
Mandy Savitz-Romer
Meredith L. Rowe 
Robert Selman
Jack Shonkoff
Catherine Snow
Jon Star
Terrence Tivnan
Paola Uccelli
Richard Weissbourd 

Non-HGSE Harvard Faculty, HDLT
Mahzarin Banaji, FAS
William Beardslee, HMS
Myron Belfer, HMS
Theresa Betancourt, HSPH
Susan Carey, FAS
Nadine Gaab, HMS
Matthew Gillman, HMS
Takao Hensch, HMS
Eric Mazur, FAS
Charles Nelson, HMS
Matthew Nock, FAS
Maria Polinsky, FAS
Philip M. Sadler, FAS
Jesse Snedeker, FAS
Doris Sommer, FAS
Felix Warneken, FAS

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Silent laughs, pale looks, they form firm poetry beliefs (ssslam 33)

My Memory Art six word fridays
Six Word Fridays ~ Lucky

Fish is considered as lucky charm

 Image result for black and white forests

Image result for black and white forests

Image result for black and white forests

Joining Adrienne for:

shadow markings...

amazon books,
scaped peck on typical looks;
left handed spring breeze,
nameless wind grims world famous freeze-

six word Friday,
Six word Saturday,
My memory art dish out seven eleven soda pops;

Adriaanne for Black and White Wednesdays,
Gemma Wiseman for Shadow Shot Sundays,
Tom's barn collectives shed silent laughs;

Kate Ann Harigs wants short stroy slam w33 gratefulness,
Neal Rao and Iain Wood add mellow yellow Monday,
Never ignore Sunday Whirl or Whirligig from Teacher Cao.

Image result for mellow yellow flowers

Image result for mellow yellow flowers


Wordle 225

 Image result for green barns

 Image result for green barns

Image result for green barns

The Barn Collective.

Thinking of Soceer, Baseball, Basketball, Flagfootball, and Swimming Lessons, thanks

   photo 414b33bc-f574-4907-96ce-0857dadb8d29_zpsxdrpdsep.jpg

Whirligig 33


short story slam week 33, Nov. 12 to December 6, 2015 

 when a wall fall in Paris,
the bricks break and shock France
I cross my fingers in silence

morning rain drip
strong emotion among friends
my heart flares

Goce mechanics shines
Silicon Valley food shops rage wars
Ramada hotel non-smoking

in the dim moonlight
pray for some momentary relief
Avaya phone rings Hargis

Taj indian meats,
pots of goat, lamb, beef, or chicken,
the eggplants and thanksgiiving menu is yummy

Signs of disagreements,
Starbucks coffee brew Alvin Clara style,
Walkfit wins over Couch potatoes 

Carpe Diem Special #182 Ese's third "in the darkest hour "


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ABC Wednesday, P is for Password

nobody remember my name,
none agress that i derve fame,
I write for myself,
I write for creative game
the ability to fulfill writing is key to writing theory, 
blogging buddy swings in full speed to sell their products,
ground breaking updates find its roots in trees,
the demon of Halloween and Vampires surface without permission of an hourglass.
october 31 writing is for trick or treat candy searching,
that's American holiday for ghosts hosting,
when you wear a mask,
that's the character you may desire, not to ask
mama's losing it,
dada's saving it,
kat bouska is doing it
susan rafael otter jolie nixon is trying it
 31 October Writing Prompts
P is for Pumpkin. for me,
P is for password


Image result for password

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chai Lu


  • 中国
  • 陕西省西安市未央区
  • 1977年3月26日
柴璐(Chai Lu),1977年3月26日出生于陕西西安,中央电视台新闻频道《国际时讯》、《24小时》等栏目主持人。柴璐形象亲和、清新,大气,主持风格沉着、干练、敏锐、知性。[1] 
柴璐于1999年本科毕业于中国传媒大学播音主持艺术学院,2005年在职硕士毕业于清华大学公共管理学院。2000年进入《海峡两岸》,任编导、出镜记者,并于2007年成为《海峡两岸》栏目主持人,在2008年获得央视年度“十佳”优秀节目主持人称号。2009年7月,柴璐被调至新闻频道,任《国际时讯》等栏目主持人。[2]  2012年获评广电总局青年岗位能手,2013年,获评央视新闻中心“岗位标兵”,并在第四届大学生电视艺术节被全国大学生票选为“最受欢迎的新闻女主播”,2014年获得第27届中国电视金鹰奖优秀电视节目主持人奖。[3] 

Chai Lu (Chance)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Chai.
Chai Lu
Native name 柴璐
Born March 26, 1977 (age 38)
Xi'an, Shaanxi
Residence Beijing
Nationality Chinese
Alma mater Communication University of China
Occupation Host
Years active 1999 - present
Known for Across the Strait
Television China Central Television (CCTV)
Chai Lu (Chinese: 柴璐; pinyin: Chaí Lù; born 26 March 1977) is a Chinese host for China Central Television.[1][2][3]



Chai Jing was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi in March 1977, she elementary studied at Xi'an No.2 School.
she entered Communication University of China in 1995, majoring in broadcast, where he graduated in 1999, she received her MPA degree from Tsinghua University in 2005, majoring in public management.[4]
Chai Jing joined the China Central Television in 1998, he hosted Across the Strait between 1999 to 2007, she hosted Midnight News, Live News Room, International News, News 30 Minutes.



  • Across the Strait (Chinese: 《海峡两岸》)
  • Midnight News (Chinese: 《午夜新闻》)
  • Live News Room (Chinese: 《新闻直播间》)
  • International News (Chinese: 《国际时讯》)
  • News 30 Minutes (Chinese: 《新闻30分》)

short story slam week 90, poetry and story inn fridays week 20

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