Thursday, October 9, 2014

U is for Ulta Beauty

 Alphabe Thursday  a try on u word

Ultra sound gives a mother joy,
Unicorn flies through a child's imagination,
Under the sun garden center grows hundreds of pots of flowers,
U-HAUL truck pulls lots of home tools all over the state...

Umbrella is a way to go romantic in the rain,
Undecided voters give political candidate hope under tight number constraints,
United nation displays more than one hundred flags,
Underground railroad workers often gather to pass information or complaints.

Ulta beauty and sephora  is a random shop,
Ulta gotta to be a cool stop,
Undoubtedly, orange is a color for autumn season,
Unbelievable Ireland under the willow tree is certainly another uplifting term to reason

story and poetry, week 4, 75,

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