Friday, June 13, 2014

seven sins seven sons by Charles Hice


seven sins seven sons
the free things in life are the most important
stop the drinking and the fighting and the war
the pride of being in a uniform
the hate for someone never met
people need love
stop or regret
rue the day you were born iff killing is life
money and strife
a clean shirt new shoes and nice clothing
while your body needs food and sheltering
this is not life
the life is more important
then the money and the time
iff life were only money then you musta paid the doctor
to be born handed him a dime to swat you from behind
give the money to the devil for more wine
pay the fines
a man does time
learns to stop his drinking
just before he dies
five loaves and five fishes
seven sins and seven sons
a man sows up his seeds and lives until he wastes
at the final judge the only thing is just believe
no works will ever make you clean
say jesus to get saved

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