Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boy Breakthroughs (4 Short Story Slam Week 23)

Flying thoughts bump like shooting bullets,
The cry of broken hearts scatters,
The world becomes sour and raw,
What terrible beauty and flaw;
Things form in clouds of force,
If not a hole, a golf course,
If not snow, rain again,
The boy daydreams perfect light,
with salt, pepper, and ketchup in delight,
He doesn't understand the hidden plank,
and the fidgety darkness behind,
The only sanity is a cup of tea,
Each member differs in weather,
His childish eyes glitter,
When he sees red lobster in lakes,
July sky winks in limitless sakes.

Image Credit: Google.com

Sunday, July 8, 2012


 We're destined to be happy
Like a lazier tag sensing tool,
each member of the family makes
changes to climate's uncertainty,
and moves forward, sensitively,
When the water runs north for the summer,
it carries us away like strong current
during a t-storm, to such a marvel-
we call it the harbor of beauty in a city.

Image Credit: Google.com

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