Monday, May 21, 2012

Tom, You Are Daddy's Super Star!

Hello, Tom, I'm thrilled that you're
going to have a summer vacation
with your parents, visiting Tianjin,
Beijing, and Shanghai of China,
riding on high-speed train
and taste NEW homely foods
such as GO Believe Baozi...
Your Dad's grateful for the solution
to computer issue from you...
You're his brilliant star...
Always, We Love You! 

Image Credit:, Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan....

The Lover

He's smiling all over my face
and his hair is black like my eyeballs,
He is the opposite of by body,
and the mirror of my soul,
He's eaten in my shadow
and tastes as delicious as honeydew.
His brain is always functioning,
and he doesn't lose his version,
In the dark he smiles
to make ghosts shiver,
His arms are soft pillows
that let me cry, sigh, and fly in the sky.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To A Friend at Wuhan Electric Wire & Cable Company: Your Acceptance Appears Encouraging and Memorable To Ji!

Ji used to ride trains between Wuhan
and Beijing twice a year for Summer
and Winter vacations.
In January, 1990, one her way to Beijing,
Ji made a friend on the train,
who was a worker at Wuhan Electric Wire
and Cable Company, She offered Ji a
Job opportunity after they exchanged letters...
Bless Her!

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