Monday, April 16, 2012

Mexico=Megan Turner+Texico+Lexi Wu+ Conoco+Taco Bell+Jaco+Meng Ying

Mexico resembles a catfish,
Mexico is a country
that sits on South of the United
States of America, and many Mexicans
don't mind risking their lives
attempting to pass the board to
immigrate to America, Texas has many
populations from Mexico, Jingle
loves Tacos, and many other Mexican food,
Mexican dances are simply mind blowing.

Image Credit: on Mexico....

Sunday, April 1, 2012

University of Texas At Austin Child Development Center: The Bluebonnet Jay

University of Texas at Austin
Child Development Center
abundant opportunities for kids
to explore and grow...
Sheng was there before going to
Bryker Wood Elementary School,
From legos and wood blocks, Sheng
simply set his mind into it and
played with those random pieces
magically. Hands on activities
help with eyes and hands cooperation.

Image Credit:, on University of Texas at Austin, Child Development Center

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