Saturday, March 31, 2012

Massachusetts = Hu+Zhu+Stein+Michelle+Ma+Uma+Maya+Hema

We know mathematician Dr. Tao Li works
at Boston College, Massachusetts state,
It appears that Massachusetts is a state
that is both beautiful in view and
absolutely professional in academics
and community leaderships...Despite the
cold weather in winter, this place
is full of energy and enthusiasm
Howard University spirits
in constructing a successful enterprise.

Image Credit:, on Massachusetts, Boston College,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Arizona=Amelia+Sheery Jiao+Zoe+Jerry Bona

When Jingle and family decided to take
a trip to San Diego, California years ago,
they traveled by driving their family car,
starting from Stillwater, Oklahoma,
going cross New Mexico (Sheng Mexige),
Arizona, all the way to board of
California and Mexico, Tombstone,
Canyon, rocky Mountain Valley are of
the most impressive views in Arizona.

Image Credit:, on Arizona, Rocky Mountain, tombstone, Canyons..

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hong Kong=Jiahong Wu + Jintao Hu (Cantonese) + (Shawn Peng) Mandarin

Hong Kong offers scientists
better benefits than that America does,
Jiahong has mathematical
colleagues working at Hong Kong (previously
at The New York University),
Still, many Asian immigrants refuse to
consider Hong Kong as their permanent home,
A Chinese facility is definitely very
different from American facility, folks
trust white Americans more from their experiences...

Image Credit:, Hong Kong, JiaHong Wu, JinTao Hu, Shawn Peng,...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

San Diego: The Precious Place for Panda Sandy and Mother Ego


Visits to San Diego at California,
especially time spent at San Diego zoo,
is very rewarding, with a zoo
membership about $60 each year
paid for the entire family of four,
free to join the crowd any time,
one has to wait in line to get to the
panda house to see the cute pandas.


Image Credit:, San Diego, Zoo, Lego Land, Train, City View...Panda,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vicki Zhao: The Diamond Chinese Movie Star

Image Credit:, on Chinese Movie Star, Vicki Zhao

Jingle bumped into Vicki's movie series
by chance via You-tub, she was instantly
drawn into the drama, because it involves
the King, the princesses, and their lovers
who are either prince or someone important,
the wit, humor, kungfu actions,
creepiness, and emotional struggles
are mind blowing, Vicki is a playful
and charming princess in it. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wall Street Journal: Berry Creek Has Won IT!

Image: Romney wins Michigan

The Wall Street Journel,
Deliverd to us daily free of charge,
quite interesting factor to know.
The headlines are quite catching,
The content is comprehensive and interesting.
It is very encouraging for you
to offer us such informative paper.
I looked at the name of delivery,
It says: Berry Creek,
well, he has won it.

Image Credit: the wall street journal, political debate candidates

Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Poet Is Born Because The Teacher Encourages!


 Image Credit: Mrs. Marie Hesser

OSU Family Resource Center offers
Learning English As A Second Language programs,
One of the teachers called Marie Hesser
had been superb to Jingle,
She always gave her cheerful responses,
gentle smiles, and calm faith...
Jingle felt very encouraged
and wrote her a poem in May, 2001,
with gratitude.
Her letter was framed by Hesser.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Justin Woo: He Deserves Continued Support!

Justin at Seaside of QinDao, a seaside city near Shanghai,
 After June 4th event, in Beijing, 1989..

Justin is someone who
never gives up trying to
make one's dreams come true,
An applied Mathematician,
He is supportive to
all who grows passion
for mathematical satisfaction,
Beside the fact he loves his children,
with hundreds of papers published
and well written,
plus talks professionally given,
He deserves continued support
and cognitive scientist mention.

 Justin, Austrilia Zoo, 2002
turn around, let me see your face, you kagroo...:)

Tom, Justin, and Sheng, London, England 
in front of Big Ben attraction, 2000  

Justin, Sheng, and Tom, (Jingle), they visited Bill William Clinton's museum, 
Superb & friendly clerks there...:) 2003

Beijing Jinshan (Attraction Mountain) Park..2007, 

Justin and Jingle, Princeton Home, photo taken by Sheng, 1996

Jingle and Suzy, Beijing, September, 1992

 Justin Woo, Princeton, Institute for Advanced Studies Lecture Room, 1996

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